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About Us

Keyn Certification is a Certification Body and Training
Provider in Malaysia. Our experts help you through your
ISO management system certification journey in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
Malaysia is rich in its natural resources and strategically located between the trade route. However, Malaysian businesses are yet fully aware about the importance of certification and ISO systems standards, therefore, most are yet to be certified with a management system standard.

Keyn Certification started with a small team, aiming to contribute to the certification industry.

Similar to your organization, we faced difficulties and restrictions in running a business. To break through, we must be open to changes, which leads to improvements.

| Management system should be your tool for business continuity and improvement - Keyn Certification

We are your key to excellence, helping businesses be ready for improvements, and ultimately achieve business success.

Our Values
Customer Focus
Customers’ needs is always our first priority. We strongly believe to understand customers’ needs and provide value added services accordingly is one of our main values. We foster our company culture to focus on building customer relationship and enhance customer satisfactory.
As an independent Certification Body, we act with integrity and honesty. We believe in doing right things by making consistent and uncompromising decision based on truth.
We strive to achieve excellence by providing quality services to our customers.
Our aim is to achieve recognition as market leader in management system certification. We see ourself playing important role in providing sustainable solutions to the industry, country & Society.
We work together with our customers in supporting them to continuous improve their everyday operations and to achieve their business objectives. We provide management system certification service & personnel training to our customers and we support our customers to improve organizational performance.
Impartiality Statement

Keyn Certification’s respects the importance of impartiality and the consideration of any potential conflict of interests in carrying our assessment and certification activities. We make this information publicly available for relevant interested parties.

Act with integrity and honesty is one of our business core values. We are committed to work in a credible, independent, non-discriminatory, transparent manner and complying with applicable national law.

Conflict of interest and objectivity is addressed in contractually binding agreements, so that all management system certification and audit activities are conducted in an independent and impartial manner.

Impartiality requires independence from any undue influence upon certification decisions, which shall be objective and purely fact-based. Competence is a key asset in ensuring professional audits that lead to valid results. Every employee and external personnel in every function shall be duly competent for their assigned tasks. We make sure that our impartiality is not jeopardised by any commercial, financial or private interests nor by any other pressure.

To safeguard the impartiality of our function, we conduct risk assessment annually and where required in relation to specific activities and potential conflict of interest relating to Accredited Certification business.